Skills Clinics

8-13 years – 4:30-5:30pm

Work on your complete game!  Throwing, fielding, pitching, hitting and strategy are all covered in this clinic, with emphasis on developing, enhancing and refining each player’s fundamentals and understanding of the game.

A variety of exceptional, experienced coaches will cycle through the clinics to match the focus of the curriculum.

September 29th – November 3rd – SIX WEEKS (Fridays) – $195.00 + GST

November 10th – December 15th – SIX WEEKS (Fridays) – $195.00 + GST

Coach to Player Ratio 4:1

Hitting Clinics

8 – 13 years – 4:30-5:30pm

Our hitting clinics cover all aspects of hitting – from hitting fundamentals and swing mechanics to maintaining a consistent approach at the plate. These six week hitting clinics are a great place to start your off-season development to ensure improved performance next season.

September 26th – October 31st – SIX WEEKS (Tuesdays) – $195.00 + GST

November 7th – December 12th – SIX WEEKS (Tuesdays) – $195.00 + GST

Coach to Player Ratio 4:1

Pitching Clinics

8 – 13 years – 4:30-5:30pm

The off-season is an excellent time to improve pitching mechanics, develop your secondary pitches, or learn a new one.  These clinics will focus on all aspects of pitching as well as developing arm strength and the introduction to arm care techniques to prevent injury.

September 27th – November 1st – SIX WEEKS  (Wednesdays) – $195.00 + GST

November 8th – December 13th – SIX WEEKS  (Wednesdays) – $195.00 + GST

Coach to player ration 4:1

Catching Clinic – TBA

4 on 1’s – NEW!

This Fall and Winter Inside Performance is offering customizable small group training.  Group training is an excellent way to push your training to the next level through the support and friendly competition of working with a group.  These specialized sessions can focus on one aspect of baseball or multiple areas, you decide.  Bring your group of 4 players to us and we will develop a program tailored specifically for them.

Cost – $195 + GST

Coach to player ration 4:1

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